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Application Form
for Scholarship or Training Grant

Your application must be in by

midnight 04 August 2024.
Be sure all parts of this form
are completed.

Applicants must 

- have their permanent home address in West Auckland.

- be aged 14 – 21 years inclusive by the 01 August.

- not be professional, semi-professional or financially carded (i.e not paid the equivalent of a living or salary to pursue their sports). 

Sponsorships and other forms of assistance that pay or reduce the costs of pursuing your sport, are permitted as are levels of carding that do not constitute being paid a living or a salary.


Reference from your coach, trainer, school principal or respected community member.

Upload Your Head /Shoulders Photo
Upload Sport Action Photo
Upload Sport Action Video (if you haveone)
Upload Reference



Upload Achievement Photo
Upload Achievement Certificate



It is a condition of a Don Oliver Scholarship that recipients provide regular written reports - to arrive on or before deadlines provided with the award of a scholarship - and informal reports when applicable. These will describe how funding has been used, relevant activities undertaken and achievements. 


The following are also requirements: 

• You continue to train and compete regularly to the best of your abilities under the guidance of a recognised coach.

• You attend 75% of any athlete development workshops, functions or programmes (if any) provided by or on behalf of the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation over the next 12 months.

• You take part in media and/or promotional activities as required.

• You acknowledge and promote the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation at any opportunity in interviews and speeches.

• You undertake personal appearances or events, within reason*, if requested by the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation.

(* This is not required if it conflicts with training, study or incurs expense).


The Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation reserves the right to withhold athlete payments under the following circumstances: 

• You do not remain seriously engaged in your sport or change your sport.

• You do not supply written progress reports as required or requested by the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation Board.

• You attend less than 75% of scheduled development workshops functions or programmes (if any) without good reason.

• You do not remain in contact with both the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation Board

• You take part in gross misconduct or bring sport into disrepute.

• You do not undertake reasonable personal appearances when requested.

I agree to Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation contacting my designated coach, trainer, school principal or respected community member.

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