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To be eligible for a Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation (DOYSF) scholarship you must fulfill the following criteria:​


Applicant must

1. Live in West Auckland.

2. Be aged between 14 and 21 years.

3. Be pre-elite.

4. acknowledge that the selection panel is independent, its decisions are final and no discussion will be entered into.

5. Applications must be received by the Foundation before midnight 04 August 2024.


Check the map to be sure you live within the designated West Auckland area.

Qualify area in West Auckland for  Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation Scholarship Applications

• Scholarships are available only to applicants whose permanent home is in West Auckland. Some athletes are obliged to train away from the West Auckland district – even for considerable periods of time – but they remain eligible under this rule if they have not moved to a new permanent home outside the West Auckland district.  Athletes who establish a new permanent home outside the district after being granted their scholarship, but before the top up event may keep the first half of their scholarship only and will not qualify for the second half. Those who move out of district after the top up event may keep the scholarship on full.


• The ages 14 to 21 are between the applicant’s 14th birthday and their 21st birthday.  You must make your application on or after your 14th birthday and on or before your 21st birthday.


Applicants must be pre-elite. This means that athletes:​

1. May not be professional to any extent (may not be paid to train or compete (includes appearance money) but;  may receive payments for personal appearances/endorsements (if not paid by their sport) and prizes in cash or valuables that are to be won by any competitor in an event who fulfills the performance criteria to receive a prize).

2. May not be carded by HPSNZ  - or any equivalent available from your sporting organisation.

3. Must disclose to us your costs for competing and your likely income from all sports related sources – e.g. sponsorships, gifts, grants, etc.

Scholarship recipients agree to meet the following scholarship requirements:​
1. To provide written reports quarterly and informal reports monthly, on how fundin
g has been used, relevant activities undertaken and achievements.

2. To continue to train and compete regularly to the best of your abilities under the guidance of a recognised coach.

3. To take part in media and/or promotional activities as required.

4.  To participate at DOYSF sponsor’s functions as requested.

5. To acknowledge and promote the DOYSF at any opportunity in interviews and speeches.

6. To attend “Top Up” function to receive final payment of my DOYSF scholarship will be made.

7. To speak at the scholarship Award Dinner and “Top Up” function.

It is acknowledged that points 3 - 7 inclusive, recipients can be excused for matters of real importance to the recipient’s sporting, education, employment or family commitments.

The selection panel is made up of sports experts who are not members of the DOYSF Board and do not provide services to the DOYSF. No member of the DOYSF board, nor any other person providing services to the DOYSF, has any influence in the decisions made by the panel.

The Board sends all eligible applications, without comment to the panel and the panel then makes its decisions based on the information provided by the applicants and any enquiries that the panel makes to schools/and or clubs and or coaches and/or clubs and/or national sporting bodies.
The procedure is complex with weighting given to the achievements of applicants, the degree of difficulty in achieving what they have achieved and the opinions of their code, club and coaches.

After careful examination of the applications, the applicants’ record, and research into the likelihood of their being able to step up to national and international honours, each panel member makes an independent shortlist.  This is done without discussion with the other panel members.

The panel then meets and cross references their “picks”.  The three lists are usually very similar with all three members choosing the same athletes. Where there are differences of opinion, the board discusses the merits of their different selections until they all agree on the final list.
This list is then referred to the DOYSF Board of Trustees.

All decisions announced by the board are final and no discussion is entered into.


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Helping young West Auckland athletes achieve
Helping young West Auckland athletes achieve
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