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Maureen Oliver - A Tribute

The Trustees of the Foundation feel deep sorrow at the passing of Maureen Oliver, wife of Don Oliver.  We offer our sincerest condolences to the Oliver family.

Maureen was wife of Don, mother of trustee Steve Oliver and aunt to trustee Marc Oliver.

Maureen was a founder trustee of the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation, and our long serving Patron who we honoured and to whom we gave our sincere thanks every year, for the privilege of serving the Oliver legacy through the Foundation.

Maureen was the other half of what could be regarded as “Team Oliver” that made a huge difference in many lives.  Don could not have become the legend that he was – both in public and in private - without the unwavering support of Maureen.

Don was not just a weightlifting legend and Olympian, or just a pioneer in the fitness industry as the founder of the Don Oliver Gyms and equipment brand. He was one of the earliest high profile athletes seeking solutions to respiratory diseases and depression. Beyond that he was a philanthropist who gave what remained of his time to helping youngsters he came across. Sir Michael Jones and Eroni Clark to name but two.

You simply cannot achieve so much without a partner who shares the burden and understands and supports the drive to give. For this reason we have always seen Maureen and celebrated her in the same light as “the Don” himself.

Maureen was a warm, humble and gracious woman and the Foundation will be the less for her passing.

RIP Maureen, and thank you.


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