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How does it work?

The Don Oliver’s principal activity is fundraising to pay for the scholarships and
other support given to scholars. 


Our primary sources of money are grants and sponsorships – generated
exclusively in West Auckland. 


Because they can see the value that we manage to obtain for their money some
of our sponsors have been loyally with us for many years. It is most unusual for
a sponsor not to remain with us on a long term basis. The best thanks we can
offer is to keep the faith with them and West Auckland, by putting their
contributions towards assisting the next group of promising young West
Aucklanders along their path of dreams, each year.


In conjunction with The Trusts Arena and Sero their caterers, we organise a
self-funding dinner, auction and awards night each year, This is mostly
sustained by ticket sales to all those West Aucklanders who choose to join us
for what is always a wonderful night of entertainment, capped each year by watching the next groups of scholars receive their awards.


There is always also an auction which is generally very successful, mainly because the guests at dinner have cheerfully come along to assist the cause by having their wallets emptied. Their generosity in this regard is unrivalled. Sponsors pay $2,000 + GST for their sponsorship each year. In return, we apply their sponsorship to the task of helping this year’s scholars – all except for the price of two dinner tickets which are donated back to the sponsor, with our grateful thanks. Although, what generally then happens is that sponsors promptly purchase another eight seats to make up a table of 10 (some purchase more than one) – and receive a 10% discount.


A complete sponsorship document is included here


Apart from scholarships we assist the young athletes in a variety of ways and are always looking to expand our service: Scholars are currently offered:


1. Membership of Arena Fitness – by the generosity of Arena Fitness

2. Mentors

3. Other workshops

4. Career development support for their post sporting life Scholars and sponsors are also encouraged and invited to form relationships to their mutual benefit.

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