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2023 Scholarship Recipients

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Jack Hansen


Jack Hansen's journey in the world of fencing is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to continuous improvement. His participation in the International Fencing Camp in Sydney provided him with a valuable opportunity to immerse himself in different fencing styles, techniques, and coaching methodologies, while also competing against fencers from around the world. This experience not only broadened his skills and knowledge but also played a crucial role in his overall development as a fencer, shaping his perspective and approach to the sport. Upon returning to New Zealand, Jack has diligently applied the lessons learned from the camp, honing his skills under the guidance of his coach and fine-tuning his mindset in preparation for competitions.


Throughout the past months, Jacks dedication and hard work have been evident in his remarkable performances at various competitions. Securing first place in both the Fencing North W Dawn Open and the Fencing North Ongley Open competitions in February showcased his skill and competitiveness across all age groups. Additionally, his triumph in the National U20 Junior Challenge further solidified his standing as a formidable contender in the fencing arena, elevating his overall open ranking to 14th place and placing him at 5th in the U20 category. As Jack sets his sights on upcoming events such as the North Island Champs and the Presidents Cup National, his ultimate goal remains to secure a spot on the NZ team for the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Christchurch, a testament to his unwavering determination and aspirations for success in the sport.

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