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2023 Scholarship Recipients

Mason Wang 1.jpg


Mason Wang


Mason Wang's performance at the National Age Group Championships demonstrated his resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Despite suffering an ankle injury just three weeks prior to the competition, Mason showcased his unwavering commitment to excellence by securing multiple podium finishes. His victory in the 100 butterfly, marking his fourth consecutive national title in the event, was a testament to his skill and perseverance. Nathan's contribution to the 4x100 medley relay, where his team clinched gold despite starting as the second seed, further highlighted his ability to excel under pressure and contribute to team success.


While the ankle injury posed a significant challenge, Nathan's ability to overcome adversity and still achieve great results speaks volumes about his character and dedication to the sport. Despite not being able to race at his full potential, Nathan's performance earned him four silver medals and one bronze, contributing to his club's success in winning their third consecutive top club at nationals. As Nathan looks ahead to upcoming championships, including the NZ Secondary School Championships and the NZ Short Course Championships, his resilience and determination are sure to continue driving him towards further success in the pool.

Mason Wang  Swimming
Mason Wang  Swimming
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