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2023 Scholarship Recipients



Mikayla Suluape


Mikayla Suluape's journey in rugby has been marked by both personal and team accomplishments, showcasing her dedication and talent on the field. As a key player for the North Shore Premier Women's team, she has contributed significantly to their success, securing important victories against tough opponents like Ponsonby and Manurewa. While facing challenges such as the defeat against College Rifles, Mikayla's resilience and determination shine through as she continues to push herself and her team to perform at their best.


The support provided by the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation has been instrumental in Mikayla's development as a rugby player, allowing her to focus on training and improving her skills. With access to resources and training facilities, she has honed her strength and technique, emerging as the regular goal kicker for North Shore Rugby. Looking ahead, Mikayla is eager to continue her rugby journey, aiming to secure a spot in the North Harbour Rugby Farah Palmer Cup team. Her dedication, coupled with her memorable moments on the field, exemplifies her passion for the sport and her determination to succeed at the highest level.

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Helping young West Auckland athletes achieve
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