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2023 Scholarship Recipients

Nixon Kaiwhare Suddens

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Nixon Suddens


Nixon Suddens is a formidable force in both kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), with a proven track record of success in combat sports. With a solid foundation in wrestling, having represented New Zealand at the highest levels as a Cadet and Junior competitor, Suddens has honed his skills over the course of nine years, securing multiple national championships in New Zealand and Australia across the U17 and U20 age groups. His impressive wrestling background has served as a springboard for his transition into MMA, where he now trains at the prestigious City Kickboxing Gym, renowned for producing world-class fighters. With a clear focus on pursuing a career in MMA, Nixons has wasted no time in making his mark in the sport, competing twice in the past four months and emerging victorious in both his kickboxing fight on December 22nd and his MMA debut at the Shuriken Fight Series on April 20th, showcasing his versatility and adaptability inside the cage.


In addition to his achievements inside the ring, Nixons is committed to personal growth and development, as evidenced by his recent attendance at Richie Hardcore's "Level Up" coaching workshop. Here, Nixon not only had the opportunity to train with some of New Zealand's most respected kickboxing coaches and fighters, but also engaged in discussions about men's mental health—an important aspect of overall well-being, particularly in the demanding world of combat sports. As he continues to pursue his passion for MMA, Nixon remains focused on his upcoming kickboxing fight on May 19th and is actively seeking opportunities to further showcase his skills, with an eye on competing in the next Shuriken Fight Series event on July 27th. With his dedication, talent, and relentless drive to succeed, Nixon Suddens is poised to make a significant impact in the world of combat sports.

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Nixon Suddens  Wrestler
Nixon Suddens  Wrestler
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