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Athlete Report: DANIEL METTAM - MOTORCYCLE Dec 2013

Daniel Mettam is making great pro-gress with the 600cc class motorcycles, currently leading the F2 600cc class after two rounds and lying second in Victoria Motor Club Winter Series. After 2 rounds of the Auckland Motorcycle Championship Daniel is leading the F2 600cc class. Last season was his learning season on the 600cc bike and he feels he is starting to finally get to the front of the pack after coming up from the 125 & 250cc bikes. Daniel is getting lap times down from last season now, closing the gap to top NZ level pace in this class. “I had a 1.08.9 lap at Manfeild in August where last year I was doing 1.11.8s, 1.08’s at Manfeild would put me in amongst the front group at NZ Nationals at this track “. Daniel won the 2nd round Hamilton Championship 650cc Pro-Twin class held at Hampton Downs June/August with 6/6 wins (these bikes are slower than 600cc bikes though as they are only 2 cylinder – They do around 220kmph max on the straights where the 600cc bike is doing close to 280kmph on the straights

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