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Athlete Report: MICHAEL MICHAM - SWIMMING Dec 2013

“Junior World Championships, I just wanted to share a little of my Dubai experience. Dubai was definitely very different from anywhere I have competed internationally before, the facilities were incredible and the environment meant it was important to do the little things right, to be able to race well”. Michael claimed a national record on his way to a ninth placing in the 1500m freestyle at the FINA World Junior Championships in Dubai in August. He clocked 15:31.53 which took nearly seven seconds off the previous national age group and is now four seconds outside the national open record. He also claimed a 5 second personal best time in the 800m freestyle. The next big competition for him is the Queensland State pool champion-ships in Brisbane in December as part of his build up to the Commonwealth Games Trials in April next year. “Summing up my experience - it was one of the best trips I’ve been on, and I would like to thank DOYSF for helping me get there”.

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