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Thomas travelled to Barcelona to compete in the World Championships this year. In preparation he travelled to Eger, a small town in Hungary where, they trained and acclimatized before beginning a series of warm up games. These games were a crucial part of the preparation for the championships and provided an opportunity to play club and university competition. From Edger they travelled to Barcelona and their first game in front of a crowd of around 3000 spectators, for a chance to com-pete on the world stage. Opposi-tion for the tournament was Spain, Hungary, Greece, Montene-gro and Croatia which are all formi-dable as most countries field pro-fessional players.

“Having an opportunity to play all these top level teams and representing your country is always a huge honour. Being able to take the lessons learned over the tournament back to New Zealand will not only develop my own playing skills but that of my team”.Thomas is very thankful for the financial help from the Don Oliver Foundation and the family of sponsors who support him; he would like to express his appreciation to all of them

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