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Athlete Report: ADEL VAN DER WALT - JUDO Feb 2013

Since the 1st of November I’ve only had one competition, the Oceania World Cup in Samoa from 15th to 17th November. This was the last world cup event that they will be holding so it was a privilege to compete in this competition. I did not do as well as I wanted but was up against the European senior champion first where I unfortunately lost but this gave me the drive to train harder in 2014. As this is the off time for judo, it’s given me time to rest and nurse some of my injuries. February is the start of training again and I am going to work hard to get ready for my next competition. Other achievements I am very proud of over the past few months are the Dux Ludorum and Senior Outstanding Achievement in sport at my school. These are the 2 highest sports achievements that you can get in High school. I was privileged to receive Dux Ludorum because this was a goal that I set myself when I first came to high school and to achieve that felt really good. This also gave me more confidence to go after my goals and to never give up.

In April from the 26-27 is the OJU (Oceania Judo Competition) This is one of the biggest competitions of the year that we are always aiming for which is usually held in Cairns, Australia but this year it is being held in Auckland, NZ. The other smaller events over the next 3 months are the East coast open (23-24 March)and the Wellington open (12-13 April). Coach and I are still deciding on whether it is beneficial for me to compete in both.

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