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I have not competed through this phase as it has been the off-season so we have not been training for anything specifically. I got a job over the break, which is good as I have never been able to get one before with my hockey schedule. I have really enjoyed doing this and it has given me another focus.

I have just completed Blackstick’s fitness testing coming into the season and these for me were not where they needed to be so I definitely need to work on this aspect in the next month or two to ensure that before my u21 tournament these are where they are required to be, if not beyond.

I have the national u21 tournament May 4th-10th in Auckland, where I need to perform well to put me in a good position getting chosen for the Junior Blacksticks team, as well as pointing me in the right direction to get picked in the Blacksticks in August once the squad is reselected. This is my main goal for the year. During the next 3 months I will be working toward this event as this is where I need to perform to be noticed and contend for Blackstick’s selection.

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