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Athlete Report: ELIZABETH CUI - DIVING Feb 2014

Results Australian Open Championships- 16th on the 1 Metre Springboard. 17th on the 3 metre springboard.

Finalist in Lion Foundation Junior Sportswoman of the Year award in Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards.

Upcoming events Autumn Championships in Hamilton, New Zealand in March.

Although my performance at the Australian Open Championships were not as good as I hoped for, I still believe that it was an amazing learning experience. Australia is one of the best diving countries in the world, and to have been able to dive at their nationals and feel like I belong there is an amazing feeling. Competing against the amazing divers really opened my eyes to how possible my goals are. I am continuing to grow as an athlete and am still learning how to compete under the intense pressures. Trips such as the Australian Open Championships would not of been possible without the help of the Don Oliver Scholarship and I am unbelievably grateful for the support.

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