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Athlete Report: ELLIOT PAERATA-REID - SURFING Feb 2014

This term has been my most sucessful yet. I had the biggest result of my career entering my very first Australasian Pro Circuit Comp at Bells Beach out of Melbourne. It started with 64 of Australiasia’s top surfers and I came runner up. I also won a thousand dollars. Then Ripcurl, my surf sponsor, sent me to an international surfing camp in Hawaii’s North Shore for three weeks. It was amazing but the surf was massive. I had a couple of accidents, the worst scraping my nose and chin on the reef. The surf was about 20 foot. We were being trained by surfing legends like Tom Caroll and top USA coaches.

Upcoming events

  • Australian Open Pro Junior Under 20 Manly Beach Sydney 7/12 Feb

  • Mereweather Pro Junior Under 20 New Castle Australia 14/17 Feb

  • Tahiti Australian Pro Junior Tuamotu Island Under 20 2/6 April

  • Tahiti Australian Pro Junior Papara Under 20 8/13 April

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