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At the moment I have not been competing but have been training up to 4 times a day and working from 8am till 5pm on most days.

In the weekend just gone I was selected as the starting goalie again for the New Zealand Senior men's National team which is travelling to Glasgow to compete in the 2014 Commonwealth Cup in March. This is always a big tournament for New Zealand as we are one of the best teams in the Commonwealth. Other teams that are going include, Australia, South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, Singapore, Malta, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and Of Course New Zealand.

At the last Commonwealth Cup New Zealand attended we came away with a Bronze medal which was very good for us but this year we have aimed to better that and hopefully meet Australia in the final and give them a run for there money.

Unfortunately I couldn't attend the last nutrition workshop that DOYSF had to offer but the notes I received were very accurate and help me a lot in planning my meals during a tournament and eating the right amount for, protein, Carbohydrate, Vitamins with the amount of training and energy I need to stay at the top of my game.

I would really like to see another nutrition workshop take place as I would love to attend.

I have also applied for the New Zealand Royal Air Force as a officer and about to start the selection process for that.

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