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Brahm Richards - Nationals September 2014

010 BRAHM pin.jpg
Our 2014 Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation awards dinner missed Brahm Richards this year due to Nationals competition running on the same weeken however we were lucky enough to have a video acceptance speech on the night.

Missing dinner was all worth it because he has the results the scholarship is there for. Please read further to see a note from Brahm's father.

"Brahm and I are extremely thankful of the sponsorship help. Brahms heavy schedule has become increasingly expensive with the number of overseas events. So BIG thanks. It is nice also having the morale support and encouragement which in itself counts for allot. The NZ Nationals event on the weekend for Brahm resulted in Brahm having around Ten fights! – possibly the busiest he has been. He entered the JUNIORS (age 17-19) and SENIORS where he had to fight one of his coaches. · Junior GRECO ROMAN Wrestling – Gold · Senior “ “ - silver · Junior FREESTYLE WRESTLING – GOLD · Senior “ “ - Silver Thanks again Paul Richards"

Congratulations Brahm and we hope to have you at the dinner next year.

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