Heptathalon Athlete Liam White Commences Light Training after ACL Knee Injury

Several injuries during 2017 kept him out of action - arm and knee. He tore a ligament in his knee (ACL injury).

Complications with the knee injury and subsequent operations have delayed Liam’s rehab, exercise and training but he commenced light training early 2018

AS part of his rehabilitation he has been attending soccer traing and assisted the new goalkeeper and attended games to support the team. He travelled to the Gold Coast with the team as the ‘Off Field Captain’.

“It’s very hard missing out on events that I had planned to attend, like NZ Secondary Schools, but with the help of my surgeon, physiology and the Don Oliver Sports Foundation grant Ian on the road to recovery and a return to athletics’, said Liam.

In 2017 Liam won the 14th Grade Team Award for Sportsmanship and the Youth Sportsperson of the Year.

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