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We need your help

Financial support and sponsorship from local businesses and individuals is an important part of our funding programme. It allows us to provide the best education, support and personal development for our recipients and the wider community.


This is your opportunity to make a contribution to the young people of West Auckland and the wellbeing of the people who live in the area.


The young athletes we support will pay us back many times over in the future with their sporting prowess and success... inspiring others to follow in their footsteps, return and invest their sporting knowledge into helping others, and later bringing their character and commitment and invest into business or some other form of community contribution.

It works with the help of
sponsors and friends

The Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation's principal activity is fundraising to pay for the scholarships and other support given to scholars. 

Our primary sources of money are grants and sponsorships, generated exclusively in West Auckland. 


Some of our sponsors have been loyally with us for many years. They can see the value we obtain for their money and it is most unusual for a sponsor not to remain with us on a long term basis.


The best thanks we can offer our West Auckland sponsors is to put their contributions towards assisting the next group of promising young West Aucklanders along their path of dreams, each year.

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Our Sponsors
Helping young West Auckland athletes achieve
Helping young West Auckland athletes achieve
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